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Fusing your vertebrae offers a long-term solution to many forms of chronic, treatment-resistant back pain. If you don’t experience much improvement from other therapies, Kenneth Wu, MD, Thomas White, MD, and Yoann Millet, MD, of The Sprintz Center specialize in performing minimally invasive spine fusion to relieve your back pain. Call The Sprintz Center's office in Shenandoah, Texas, or book an appointment online today to determine if you’re a candidate for this procedure.

Minimally Invasive Spine Fusion Q & A

What is minimally invasive spine fusion?

Spine fusion permanently joins two or more of the vertebrae in your spine. Minimally invasive spine fusion is a technique that causes the least possible tissue damage.

Traditional spine surgery involves making large incisions through skin and muscle to reach your spine, resulting in significant trauma with a lengthy healing period.

Minimally invasive spine fusion doesn't require such large incisions; instead, your provider at The Sprintz Center makes a small cut and moves the muscles aside. They use specialized instruments to access your spine and perform the fusion procedure, viewing everything remotely via a monitor in the treatment room.

Why would I need minimally invasive spine fusion?

Minimally invasive spine fusion offers a solution for several painful back problems, including:

  • Facet joint arthritis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Degenerative disc disease

These conditions often improve with conservative treatments like medication, physical therapy, and complementary methods such as acupuncture and biofeedback. Advanced treatments like epidural steroid injections and radiofrequency ablation can also help with more persistent back pain.

If none of these treatments relieve your pain, minimally invasive spine fusion might be the answer.

What type of minimally invasive spine fusion might I need?

The Sprintz Center team specializes in two types of minimally invasive spine fusion:

FacetCore™ Fusion System

Low back pain with no numbness or tingling in the legs may be due to facet joint arthritis in your spine. Facet joint fusion using the Surgentec® FacetCore system stabilizes the weakened joints and relieves pain.

Minuteman® MIS Fusion Plate

The Minuteman MIS Fusion Plate is an innovative treatment for spinal stenosis that stabilizes the vertebrae while the fusion process takes place. 

The Minuteman device fits between your vertebrae and slightly separates them. It has a special coating that stimulates new bone growth, covering the implant and fuses the vertebrae into one strong unit.

Spine fusion does result in some loss of spinal flexibility, but the relief from pain offered by these minimally invasive procedures is compelling for patients with severe, chronic back pain.

To find out if you're a suitable candidate for minimally invasive spine fusion, call The Sprintz Center to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online today.